The GoodBarber Takes Care service


As a GoodBarber user you might already be familiar with the GoodBarber Takes Care option. With this service, GoodBarber takes over the submission process of your beautiful app, using your own developer account credentials.

What’s the purpose of GoodBarber Takes Care?

Before we answer that question we’d like to stress the fact that it remains entirely possible to submit your iOS or Android app on your own. We provide guided tutorials for the submission of your app in the back office of your project. 

Back to the GoodBarber Takes Care service! In a nutshell, GBTC means our team will be submitting your iOS and/or Android app on your behalf (your app will still appear under your own developer account(s) in the stores). You may opt for this service for your app if you aren’t tech-savvy and you want to make sure the submission of your app goes smoothly or if you’re just looking to save time and don’t want to be bothered with the submission process.

The people who make up the "GoodBarber takes care of it" team are exclusively dedicated to this task. That's why they excel in verifying and submitting apps. In addition to making your task easier, they are there to advise you or avoid mistakes before sending the app. And most importantly, they know how to explain and correct any inconsistencies if your app is rejected by the verification team. That's why, even if you started the process alone, and at some point you want to benefit from the team's expertise, don't hesitate to seek their help.

How does GoodBarber Takes Care work ?

GBTC runs on a credits-based system. Basically, 1 credit = 1 submission of 1 version of your app (either iOS or Android). If, for example, you choose only to publish the Android version of your app, you will pay $50 which includes 5 credits. When our team publishes your app for the first time, 1 credit will be deducted and you'll have the remaining 4 to use for future resubmissions. 
It works the same way for iOS. In short, if you publish your app on both platforms (iOS and Android), 2 credits will be deducted.

The remaining credits can be used interchangeably. This means, as long as the initial version of your app has been submitted to the store, you're free to use the remaining credits from your GBTC to submit an updated version of your Android or iOS app.

What about additional credits?

You can purchase additional credits in bundles, at the cost of $50 for an extra 5 credits. These credits can be used for iOS resubmissions, Android resubmissions, or both.

Considering the fact that most of the updates you make from your back office don't require rebuilding and resubmitting your app to the stores (those that appear in green), with $50 worth of credits, you should be set for over a year (only the changes which appear in grey in your back office require you to actually use a credit). 
Besides, to engage and surprise users, 3 or 4 substantial app updates are recommended (to introduce new features for instance).

Other important information

The GBTC service does not include your developer accounts. You will still need to purchase them directly through Google Play or Apple

Please also note that with the reseller plan, the GB Takes Care option is purchased on a per-app basis, meaning that the 5 credits can be used only for the submission and resubmissions of one app, not across multiple apps.