Mobile App Resellers: the best marketing tips from Apple and Google


With GoodBarber's Reseller  program, you can create an unlimited number of apps. One of the many advantages of the program is that each app can be published on three different platforms: the Web, with a Progressive Web App, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
Today, we're going to see what marketing tips Apple and Google use to create excitement around their products (software, apps, etc.) and to add value to their services. You will be able to draw inspiration from these two digital giants to help you sell apps!

Here are some examples of Apple's marketing tactics:

1/ Elegant and simplified design

Apple has always emphasized the elegant and simplified design of its products, which differentiates them from the competition. When presenting your services to a potential customer, highlight the beautiful design of your apps. GoodBarber has always made design the fundamental element of its apps. Take advantage of the many design possibilities offered by our platform to create professional apps with impeccable design. This will catch the eye of your customers and boost their interest!
2/ Event-driven launch strategy

Apple launches its products with well-planned media events that generate excitement and interest among consumers.

As a Reseller, you create and publish apps for your customers. GoodBarber is constantly evolving with the regular release of new features. You, the Resellers , have an advantage because if you subscribe to our newsletter, you are informed in advance of the upcoming release of new features. Use this advantage to communicate with your customers and generate their interest.

Also, work with your clients before the release of their app to maximize the number of downloads and make their app release a success!
The better your client's app works, the longer the customer relationship will last. Customer loyalty will therefore be increased.
3/ Effective advertising campaigns

Apple has always been known for its creative and memorable advertising campaigns, which have helped strengthen the brand and attract new consumers.
Don't neglect advertising to highlight your business, and your services and to get your customers to know you. You can of course focus on physical canvassing by going out and prospecting for customers around your area, in your city or in the region where you live. But don't forget to use the web and social networks to promote your business!

Create a website - why not create a website and a showcase app with GoodBarber? - and register on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. The goal is to be present on as many platforms as possible to make yourself known and get more customers.
4/ The user experience

Apple focuses on the user experience of its products, making sure they are intuitive and easy to use.

You can gain a lot of points in the customer experience you deliver to your customer by giving them access to the back office of their app, in white label. This allows you to benefit from GoodBarber's back office while having your brand and company logos inside. The back-office is simple, and intuitive and allows your customers to save time adding, editing, deleting content or sending push notifications to their users, for example. All this with incredible speed. With a top-notch user experience, your customers will be satisfied!
5/ Customer loyalty

Apple has created a loyal customer base by offering a superior product line and providing excellent customer support.

GoodBarber has been in the no-code app builder business for over a decade. Throughout these years, we have focused our work and efforts on providing our customers with a reliable solution with a particularly strong technical foundation . Thus, GoodBarber's apps published on the Google and Apple Stores are generated in native code, which ensures the performance of our apps. In parallel, our engineers work every day to update our platform according to the latest developments in the publishing platforms we offer.

As far as you are concerned, think about building customer loyalty by focusing on the commercial aspect: carry out acquisition campaigns, offer reduced rates at well-chosen times (Black Friday, Christmas), and offer discounts to your most loyal customers. Your customers will return the favor: they will want to continue their relationship with you and you will have built a relationship of trust with them.

Don't neglect customer service either! Answer your customers with maximum precision and in acceptable delays. Emphasize your professionalism and the fact that you are committed to helping your customers. And if your customer asks you technical questions that you don't know the answer to, contact GoodBarber support from the app's back office ;)

Here are some marketing tips frequently used by Google:

1/ Consumer Education and User Experience

Google focuses on educating consumers about the benefits of its products, highlighting their ease of use and usefulness to users. For example, the company offers online tutorials to help consumers better understand its products. These tutorials often include how-to videos and guides that explain product features and how to use them.

Also consider producing educational content, such as blog posts and guides to help your customers better understand your services and how they work, as well as the world of apps. This will have a dual effect: on the one hand, customers will more easily understand your offering and learn how to manage their apps more easily. On the other hand, your customers' trust in your company will be reinforced. They will see that you are invested in helping and accompanying them!
2/ Establish partnerships

Google partners with companies and organizations to promote its products to a target audience.

Google may partner with advertising agencies to promote its products online. Ads can be served on third-party websites, social networks, YouTube videos, and other platforms.

Take a cue from this best practice to consider partnerships with businesses around you. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your app creation services! Your reputation will grow and interested people will turn to you much more easily! You will then only have to make a few efforts to find clients: they will come to you naturally ;)
4/ User ratings and reviews

Google encourages users to provide feedback on its products by posting positive reviews and comments on online stores and social media.

Google may send emails or notifications to users who have purchased or used its products asking them to leave a review or comment. Google may also include invitations to leave a review on its products, such as pop-ups or notifications in apps.

It's crucial to get your customers' feedback on the service you provide. Be sure to offer incentives to encourage users to leave reviews, such as discounts on future purchases or contests with attractive prizes. To collect reviews from your customers, several platforms exist. You can also use social networks.
Allow your customers to value your work by leaving a positive review. You can republish the review on your website. If a customer leaves you with a more critical comment, don't panic. Don't hesitate to respond to their comment by providing explanations and offering solutions to the customer. This answer will be useful for the customer himself but also for all those who will see the comment. And then, receiving criticism is not something bad in itself: it is also an opportunity to improve ;)
5/ Special offers and discounts

Google regularly offers special deals and discounts to entice users to buy its products. This can help increase sales and retain existing customers by offering them exclusive benefits.

You can offer coupons and discount codes to users to offer them discounts when they purchase your services. Organize flash sales by offering exceptional discounts for a limited period of time. These sales can be advertised on your website or on your social networks. Also think about setting up a loyalty program to reward your most dedicated customers: exclusive discounts, the addition of features for free, etc. This way, increase sales and encourage your customers to continue their relationship with you.

Now that Google and Apple have no secrets for you when it comes to marketing strategies to enhance your products and services, you can confidently go out and conquer new customers!

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