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Convert your Shopify store into a mobile app
This extension can be installed based on your needs, by the GoodBarber team. Contact us for more information.
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Your Shopify store turns into a mobile app

Sell products from your Shopify store with an app for iPhone and Android

Your eCommerce app ready-to-go

A quick and comprehensive solution to take your store to the next level

Our team will cover all technical aspects and provide you with a fully functioning app, ready for publication, in just 24 hours. Our offer includes:

  • A beautifully designed app that reflects your brand
  • Catalog and stock always synchronized with your Shopify store
  • Continuous updates and maintenance
  • Submission to Google Play and the App Store

An app that reflects your brand

Our expert designers at your service

All the sales optimization tools you need

All the functionalities that will make the difference and convert visits into sales

By choosing GoodBarber’s native technology, you take advantage of a wide range of features for a smooth user experience and a higher conversion rate.

Abandoned orders: Never lose an order again! Recover by email and push notification clients who have initiated an order without having finalized it.

Cart popup reminder: When a client returns to your app and their cart contains items from a previous visit, a popup is displayed allowing them to directly access the checkout.

Buy Again: Your clients can renew an order with one simple click. The "Buy again" button allows them to add to the cart all the products from an existing order with one click.

Quick Buy button: Your clients can easily add products to their cart from the Home page (product list widget) or while browsing a collection. They never have to leave the page they’re browsing.

Auto Login: With integrated login, your customers identify themselves only once. then, they are immediately recognised each time the app is launched. The best way to match their expectations.

Permanent cart: Your clients can keep track of the products they added to their cart. Unpurchased items will be automatically found in their cart for the next visit.

Easy purchases with 1 click-payment

Less friction = more revenue

Push notifications: nudge users to shop

Keep your customers in the loop and spark their interest

Stay in your customers' mind thanks to use notifications. Simply craft a message from your GoodBarber back office and send it to your user base in one click.

Notifications are win-win situation: you promote your business, and your loyal customers are sure not to miss a single deal from their favorite store.

Several marketing campaigns can be imagined with push notifications:

  • Announce back in stock products
  • Promote unique deals
  • Schedule messages to be sent later on
  • Send notifications to selected clients with customized deals

Improve your marketing efforts with actionable analytics

Measure the ROI of your eCommerce app and take better decisions

Having a precise view of the value brought to your business by your mobile app is critical. GoodBarber provides you with actionable data to understand how customers spend their time and their money in your app.

Total sales: Instantly view the sales generated by your store. You have a direct view of sales on all sales channels. And a comparison with the previous period.

Number of sales: Track the number of sales over the period. And compare immediately the progress against the previous period.

Conversion rate: Adjust your marketing and store settings based on your conversion rate. The conversion rate measures sales that have been made vs. sales that have not been completed. This rate is compared to the previous period to measure your progress.

Top sellers: Keep an eye on your store's best sellers. This will allow you to monitor the status of stocks. And any marketing actions to be carried out.

Sales by device: Do they buy more from iPhone or Android? Identify the types of devices your customers use to make their purchases. A valuable information to eventually increase your marketing efforts on new channels liked by your customers.

No code app builder: you're in control

GoodBarber creates the app for you but you can edit it anytime ;)

Conversion rate x3

iPhone and Android apps convert 3x more than the mobile web

How does it work?

Get your Shopify Store app for iOS and Android in only 3 steps

GoodBarber offers the easiest and fastest solution to turn your shop into an app.

  • 1
    Connect your Shopify store to GoodBarber
  • 2
    We import and synchronize your catalog
  • 3
    We design your app to match your brand

Generating your native app would generally take 24h. Once your app is ready for publication, we will guide you through creating your Developer account on the Stores and take care of the submission process.

After the publication your GoodBarber app will constantly synchronize with your Shopify store, and all orders received on the app will be automatically displayed on your Shopify back office.

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