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Power your app with AI
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Natural, captivating conversation

Create an unforgettable user experience with ChatGPT

Imagine user interaction that goes beyond simple clicks. Our ChatGPT extension seamlessly integrates human behavior, delivering a fluid and engaging conversational experience. OpenAI's templates, optimized for rich dialogs, guarantee relevant and exciting replies.

The ChatGPT extension can help you automate your customer service, improve user experience, and boost engagement and loyalty. This extension seamlessly integrates with your GoodBarber application, requiring no technical skills or coding.

  • Integration of AI into your app
  • Generation of relevant, coherent, and creative responses
  • No technical skills or coding required

Tangible benefits for your business

A feature that makes all the difference

The ChatGPT Extension offers an unprecedented business opportunity. Surf the Artificial Intelligence trend, improve user engagement and differentiate yourself with an enhanced user experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to propel your app to new heights and bring to life an intelligent conversation at the heart of your app.

Imagine an app for a local restaurant that integrates AI to answer potential customers' questions. Details such as location, opening times, menu, and even personalized recommendations can be generated instantly. Customizable colors and fonts ensure that the assistant is visually aligned with the restaurant's corporate identity.

This principle can be applied to all business sectors, from retail to education to content distribution. These concrete examples demonstrate how the ChatGPT Extension delivers tangible benefits, enhancing the user experience, boosting engagement, and widening the content of applications in innovative ways.

Effortless integration with OpenAI

The essence of your app, captured in a customized brief

Shape AI to your brand identity - every detail counts

From behavioral orientation to fonts, every facet is under your control.

GoodBarber's ChatGPT Extension gives you a blank canvas to customize every aspect of your virtual assistant, ensuring seamless integration with your application's identity. Let's delve into the multiple customization options.

Flexibility begins with the creation of the customer brief, where you define the boundaries of interaction. From customer service to the presentation of educational information, each scenario can be finely tuned to align perfectly with your objectives.

Personalization is the keystone of this extension. Every aspect of the assistant is under your control. From the system message that guides behavior, to the wizard name that creates a more human connection, to the choice of generation model, background colors and even fonts - every detail is customizable. In this way, you sculpt a unique experience for your users, where AI becomes a harmonious extension of your brand.

With this multitude of options, GoodBarber gives you the keys to shaping a conversational interaction that not only meets your needs, but also embodies the very spirit of your application.

ChatGPT 3.5 or ChatGPT 4.0

Tailor the power of your assistant to your specific needs

Multilingual magic

A user experience without language barriers

Beyond the choice between models, GoodBarber's ChatGPT Extension unveils a revolutionary multilingual feature. Regardless of the language in which the question is asked, the assistant automatically responds in that same language, eliminating language barriers.

This feature transforms your application into a space without linguistic boundaries, enabling seamless communication with users all over the world. This extension gives your application the ability to address a diverse audience with multilingual ease.