Written on Monday 5 February 2024

How to choose an app builder?

Mobile apps are the perfect option to retain and convert customers. When you want to create a mobile app there are several ways you can go about: there are some questions you should answer before starting to create an app with an app builder
Marie Pireddu, Friday 15 December 2023

How to create an app in 2024

How to create an app without knowing how to code, in a very simple and intuitive way. How to make your own app in 7 steps: a step-by-step guide to build Android, iOS apps, and PWAs, knowing the costs and methods that best suit your needs and financial means.
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 15 November 2022

How to test an app with TestFlight ?

TestFlight is a free tool offered by Apple, which allows you to test an iOS app before it goes online on the App Store. How to use Testflight effectively: follow some easy steps to take advantage of iOS Beta testing
Written on Thursday 1 September 2022

Geofencing and the event industry

If there’s one area of expertise where the need to constantly keep the audience interested is pressing, it is the event industry. If one wants a good turnout, the bar is now higher than ever. How to keep up with people’s expectations? If creating an app for an upcoming event is now a given, the time has come to enter a new dimension, with Geofencing.
GoodBarber Team, Tuesday 17 May 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your App: make your app a great success

Ok, you've just finished your Beautiful App and it’s now time to get it into the market and start promoting. There are several ways you could get users to download your app, but bouncing from one strategy to another can be confusing. So, we prepared this ultimate guide plus an infographic on how to promote your app!
GoodBarber Team, Friday 11 March 2022

To make a PWA or a Native app?

Progressive Web App VS Native app: pros and cons to make a choice between them. Features and Facts about mobile technologies to support decision-making according with your needs.
GoodBarber Team, Tuesday 15 February 2022

Android vs iOS: Which App Should You Develop First

If you are looking to build a mobile application for your business, you first need to decide whether you want to develop an Android app or go for an iOS application. Which are the factors you should look at when you are building a mobile application?
GoodBarber Team, Monday 14 February 2022

Best of editing tools for Content Creators

How do you choose editing tools that will best suit your needs? Let’s explore some of the best Content Creation tools available on the market today.
GoodBarber Team, Friday 14 January 2022

e-Learning mobile apps: the Future Of Education?

The pandemic has proved how valuable educational apps and websites for online learning are and how they might be the future of learning after all.
What makes an Online learning app a gamechanger?
GoodBarber Team, Thursday 16 December 2021

OTT / TV Apps for Mobile: Market Insights

OTT apps are software tools that deliver live or on-demand video content through the use of a smart device (laptop, smartphone, smart TV, or tablets) that’s connected to the internet. These bypass the traditional distribution method of broadcast, cable or satellite TV. OTT apps allow viewers to instantly stream videos on any device, wherever and whenever it suits them. Likewise, these apps live on OTT app TV platforms such as Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Box, and tvOS (Apple TV), or mobile platforms like Android and iOS. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, over-the-top (OTT) applications are becoming the future of TV and online streaming services by changing the way people consume video content. In fact, experts believe that OTT app usage is set to grow to a $120 billion industry by 2022.
GoodBarber Team, Friday 5 November 2021

10 Best mHealth Apps for Smartphone Users

Mobile health, more commonly known as mHealth, has changed the way that we take care of ourselves. And the numbers prove that smartphone users have jumped on the bandwagon.
GoodBarber Team, Friday 29 October 2021

6 Money Apps That Users Know and Love

Clipping coupons is no longer needed to save money on your purchases. These days, you can do so much more right in the palm of your hand. Let’s talk about some of the more popular money apps and how do they work.
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 20 October 2021

Testflight alternatives for Android

While the TestFlight tool initially supported both iOS and Android applications, it dropped the latter when Apple acquired it. Since then, the search for the best TestFlight alternatives for Android app testing has been going on.
GoodBarber Team, Monday 18 October 2021

Mobile Payments on the Rise

Mobile payment technology continues to adapt around our modern world. It’s significantly utilized in leading industries like finance, hospitality, and retail, among others. And it has significantly influenced the behaviors of brands and consumers.
GoodBarber Team, Tuesday 28 September 2021

What Does In-App Purchases Mean in the app stores ?

n-app purchases are one of the most common monetization models in mobile apps. What exactly do in-app purchases mean? And how can you potentially use them for your brand?
Marie Pireddu, Monday 13 September 2021

How to choose the perfect name for your app

Choosing the right name for a mobile app can be a challenge, from complying with the stores requirements to making sure the app name is intelligible enough for the vast majority of users. Discover how to choose the right name for an app
GoodBarber Team, Tuesday 7 September 2021

Is it cheaper to build an app or website?

If you are planning to build a brand, you would likely have to make a choice between a mobile app or a website. What is the affordable solution? We will provide some arguments to answer this question and help you make your decision.